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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Feb 26, 2018

EP41: Decluttering - It’s All About Releasing

In this episode, I tackle the topic of decluttering and what I believe to be the most effective way to do it and why. I propose that when you approach it from the deeper meaning or the root of where the clutter is coming from, you will gain more benefit from your actions and those benefits will be further reaching. I talk about addressing the emotions we attach to things that cause us to hold on to them longer than is healthy, the part grief plays in the holding on to stuff and how incorporating mindfulness is the key to positive release and preventive against future clutter. I cover the three spaces where we accumulate our excess and the most effective tools I’ve found that work to eliminate it. This is a popular topic and I offer a unique spin on it encouraging you to think differently. Prepare for some spring cleaning and join me now as we begin to create space… 

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