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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Jul 16, 2018

In this podcast, I welcome Lauren Brooks, wife and mom of 4, successful entrepreneur and Kettlebell Queen who’s living a spacious life in southern California. Lauren shares with us that  

after finding what she knew to be her calling in kettle bells, she also found her self in a male-dominated organization and culture that just didn’t feel right to her.  After repeatedly being told she was ‘too nice’ and 'not manly enough’ she decided to step away from the safety of the organization that had taught her her craft, take a leap of faith and start her own thing where she’s been able to successfully build her brand her own way!

Lauren shares that public speaking used to be her greatest fear, how she conquered that fear and how that victory has empowered her to do what she knows she’s meant to do. 

She then shares some recent breakthroughs in vulnerability on social media as she has peeled off layers and revealed more of her humanness both as a woman and a mom and how she’s been able to slay a few demons from her youth by making the decision to stop taking things so personally. 

We talk about the importance of community to our well-being and how Lauren is building her global community as well as inspiring neighbors to connect with each other. 

Lastly, Lauren tells us how listening to a tugging at her soul led her to take a recent trip that both stretched and nourished her spiritually and has had a profound impact on her since she’s been back home. Join me as I jump back into the interviewer's seat and listen in on this truly inspiring and engaging conversation with Lauren! 

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