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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Jan 15, 2018

In this, the third episode of our series celebrating powerful women living spacious lives and spreading their magic in the world, I welcome Lauren Lo Salant, curator of all things vintage, owner of Thrift Junkie Vintage storefront in Colorado Springs, CO, and mama to one very special fur baby. Along with other juicy nuggets of wisdom, Lauren shares that while her passion for her industry is huge, her plan of starting small (tiny even) and wisely growing as demand makes itself known has been the perfect strategy for this one-woman-show. She takes us through her journey of trying different passions and landing on the one that was introduced to her by her mother when she was a preteen. Lauren shares how building community is at the center of her life and how the concept of a ‘conscious closet’ is something she wants to share with the world! Lauren is one multi-talented woman and a force of nature you need to know. Join us now as we begin to create space...