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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Oct 2, 2017

In this episode, I’m delighted to have Nancy Hill, pioneer in life and women’s work, back on the show and this time we talk specifically about Mothers and navigating the love of motherhood and marriage alongside the pursuit of our passions outside these realms. Nancy shares how she came to decisions she made as a younger woman in response to the realization she was losing something of her identity and the need to keep her soul alive. We discuss how 'what a women should and should not be doing' runs deeply within the fabric of our culture and her advice in 'daring the edge' of what we know and don’t know and what feels safe or unsafe is where we find the aliveness of life. We consider the importance of keeping our own fire alive and touch on reconciling the knowing that we, as caregivers, may be the cause of pain for those we love when we make choices that are true to ourselves. Nancy shares, in hindsight, that living her dream carried an invaluable lesson for her daughter and positively affected both her posture as a mother as well as relationships among her family members. She shares how not living our dream creates a dangerous space for our children and our marriages. This is a topic that pokes at a lot of emotions - I invite you to join us as we get curious whether we, as women, give up our right to explore our gifts and talents when we become a mother’? Join us now as we begin to create space...