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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Jul 3, 2017

In this episode, I am joined by my first guest, Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight. Together we cover a myriad of points on what it means to him to have a spacious business. Tom shares the first word that comes to mind for him on the topic as well as the importance of clarity and discipline in creating space for business owners and entrepreneurs. He shares a story of how lack of clarity can lead you to conquer the wrong mountain! And how simply working hard and realizing success don't necessarily mean you are on a clear path. In addition, we cover focus, finding your work rhythms, the importance of free time, being careful on what wins your attention and the need for a clear understanding of the problems that are truly yours to solve. This is an episode chock full of golden nuggets for both your personal and professional life. Join me and my guest, Tom Reber, as we begin to create space…