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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Jan 8, 2018

In this, the second of five interviews of powerful women living spacious lives and spreading their magic in the world, I welcome Katie Hawkins, Founder of Unbridled Equine, wife, and Mama to two little girls and loads of fur babies. Katie shares with us how she combined a childhood passion with some challenging lessons learned through multiple health crises as an adult to create her dream business and life. She shares what it is that drives her, how she approaches obstacles and strives for balance between work and family, and gives her top advice for women who want to create a dream business or life but aren’t sure where to begin living that out. Katie is part of a very unique and progressive industry where she considers herself an advocate for horses through connecting with them in a unique way and then becoming their voice. She’s making great things happen in the animal world and I guarantee your life will be richer after listening to her story. Join us know as we begin to create space…