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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Apr 9, 2018

In this episode, I welcome Nancy Tilton, educator and co-founder of ALC Mosaic, a small, independent school located in Charlotte, NC, that is paving the way for a much needed shift in our educational system. 

Nancy shares the pivotal moment where she realized she wasn’t going to have the impact on the world she had hope to when she chose to be a teacher in the public school system and how that moment prompted her to find a different way to work with young people. She talks about her exploration into self-directed learning systems and how she has became a driving force in the growing movement toward alternative learning environments.
Nancy tackles some of the fears parents may have in moving from traditional schooling to a more alternative school environment and the skills the young people in her school are being asked to learn everyday that are a complete break from our traditional world of academia and, arguably, tremendously more important to living a successful, joyful life.
With a focus on learning to thrive in a community, developing skills in social and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and collaboration and a deep belief that kids can create the life they want along with a world they want to live in, makes this learning environment something to take a serious look at. This topic is both deep and wide, a complex issue but imperative for us to look at if we are going to have a hope for a better tomorrow and a rich life for future generations. My hope is that this episode will get the wheels turning for you to look further into self-directed learning as not only a viable, but desirable option for your kids. Join us now as we begin to create space...

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