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Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

Mar 12, 2018

In this episode, we continue our series around the theme of Spacious Parenting. For the month of March I’m talking with inspiring Mamas who are creating safe spaces for their kids as they navigate challenges they feel they weren’t prepared for or chart courses they didn’t necessarily expect to take and have since ended up paving the way for others in similar situations. 

Today I welcome Heather Nardi, wife, Mom of two, author, speaker, and Intuitive Parenting Coach as she shares her journey to and through motherhood. Heather shares how she knew her daughter, from a very early age, was going to require her to re-think parenting. She talks about how they came about getting an initial diagnosis of anxiety for her daughter and how that eventually led her family down the path of what she calls the ‘mental health cycle’ and how it was the combination of Heather's intentionality of caring for herself and her daughter’s courage to speak her truth that provided them with a way to step out of the cycle and into a new solution. Heather shares some of the wisdom she’s gained on the mental health system for adolescents, and how when they moved from a traditional, medicine approach to a holistic approach, their eyes were opened to some very beautiful spiritual gifts they hadn’t seen before.

Heather shared some about her role as the “heart-center of the family” and that when she began tuning into her intuition, her family also shifted and that when their family became a team and began tuning in more to what their children were saying, her whole family began operating at a higher vibrational level. 

Heather believes her daughter has been her greatest teacher and now makes it her mission to share the wisdom she has gained with other parents. I’m presenting another timely topic and Heather offers great insight into how we can approach mental health a little differently. Join us know as we begin to create space…

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